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Playstation Release Dates

Playstation Release Dates – These are the release dates of the Sony consoles:

  • Playstation = December 3rd, 1994;
  • Playstation 2 = March 4th, 2000 = 1.918 days from PS1 (~5 years);
  • Playstation 3 = November 11th, 2006 = 2.443 days from PS2 (~7 years);
  • Playstation 4 = November 15th, 2013 = 2.561 days from PS3 (~7 years);

Based on that, the next consoles, If the names do not change as well, would come up on the following dates:

  • Playstation 5 = Released in December 2020;
  • PS5 Pro = due to be released in March 2022
  • PS6 Console  = In July 4th, 2026;
  • Playstation 7 = In October 28th, 2032;

Upgrades to the Playstation Consoles tend to focus more on hardware, increasing the Storage, Graphics and Memory, which does not mean that they do not update the system, interaction, and design of the consoles, mainly the Sony controllers, they are always evolving for the better, always innovating.

Maybe the XrossMediaBar will no longer exist or will be quite evolved. Their OS is written in-house based on FreeBSD (Unix-like) and maybe they won’t change. The Graphics, always exceptional, there is no other console that can compete with the graphics of the Sony consoles, YET.